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  • Welcome to Orion Co., Ltd.

    Orion Co., Ltd. has been steadily growing with the development of Korean electronics display industry. And now, Orion Co., Ltd. made a giant leap as a global industrial information display enterprise. Orion Co., Ltd. is leading the market and technology based upon its own prominent technology and worldwide sales network. Orion Co., Ltd. is an aggregation of various research and development, manufacturing, and sales activities for the past half century with expertise in varied display devices technology such as CRT, PDP, LCD, LED, and OLED.

    Since 2003, when succeeded in developing infinitely expandable multi-screen PDP, Orion became the first in the world to open and enter an era of ¡°Flat Panel Video Wall Display¡± market. Orion has continuously strived for the development of advanced technology and launch new series of display products. Up to now, Orion has set up full lineup of industrial information display products including modular plasma and LCD video wall, Digital Signage, Digital Information Display, Kiosk, E-Podium, E-Board, IWB(Interactive White Board), Touch Monitor, Medical Display, Professional OLED, indoor LED video wall, and outdoor LED boards. These breakthrough developments have prepared Orion to cope with unique requirements from customers all over the world.

    Furthermore, Orion is now challenging new growth engine projects such as the 3rd generation solar cell products and mobile display components by utilizing the existing facilities and technical background. Orion is also stepping up to be a comprehensive home appliances manufacturer through the cooperation with Chinese ¡°Changhong Electric Group¡± who is currently investor to Orion Co., Ltd.

    Orion Co., Ltd. is vigorously advancing forward to be a giant global enterprise. Through continuous challenge and innovation, Orion will provide customers with best quality products in varying display technology to meet changing requirements. Orion¡¯s directors and staffs will place their best efforts to provide solutions bringing additional value proposition to customers.

    Orion really hopes for the strategic partnership growth with its customers in the field of industrial information display and in new growth projects fields.

    Orion Co., Ltd.
    Chairman CHEN YE
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