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    With the foundation of Orion Electric Co., Ltd. in 1965, Orion¡¯s research and development department had the lead role for innovation of various types of display terminals and technologies such as CRT, PDP, and OLED. In 1997, Orion successfully launched a commercial scale 42" diagonal plasma television which was a major milestone for the flat panel display industry; plasma display panel (PDP) was benchmarked as a pioneer solution at that time.

    In 2005, Orion developed an innovative solution that tiled flat panels PDP displays together to form a large video wall. This multi-vision PDP (MPDP) was the first and only flat panel video wall display solution for commercial use without any bezel and a shallow footprint.

    The zero bezel MPDP has continuously improved with very tight seam gaps with the latest shipping models at a combine glass to glass gap of only 1.9mm. Orion continues to invest in research and development to achieve newly adapted State-of-Art manufacturing technologies which has resulting in 300 patents in Korea and around the world.

    Various new display technologies developments allowed Orion to increase its product portfolio to include infinitely expendable Multi-LCD, DID (Digital Information Display), IWB (Interactive White Board), 84"UHD and unique 117"E-board, which is the biggest one in the world.

    Orion R&D is leading the industrial display fields using differentiated circuit design and unique image Processing Technologies.

    To keep up-to-date with leading the display markets, more than 30% human resource of whole employees are R&D Dept.

    In order to meet the market demand and customer requirements, ORION R&D Dept. keeps its great effort to develop and innovate new technologies.

    Our Goal is the World TOP Class technology oriented company to customer satisfaction.

    ORION R&D Team.
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